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JAPANESE: Attack on Pearl Harbor "Hawaii"

Casualties and losses
DateDecember 7, 1941
LocationPrimarily Pearl HarborHawaii Territory, U.S.
 United States of America   Empire of Japan
Commanders and leaders
Husband Kimmel
Walter Short
Chuichi Nagumo
Isoroku Yamamoto
8 battleships
8 cruisers
30 destroyers
4 submarines
USCG Cutter[nb 1]
49 other ships[1]
~390 aircraft
Mobile Unit:
6 aircraft carriers
2 battleships
2 heavy cruisers
1 light cruiser
9 destroyers
8 tankers
23 fleet submarines
5 midget submarines
414 aircraft
Casualties and losses
2 battleships totally lost
2 battleships sunk and recovered
3 battleships damaged
1 battleship grounded
2 other ships sunk[nb 2]
3 cruisers damaged[nb 3]
3 destroyers damaged
3 other ships damaged
188 aircraft destroyed
159[3] aircraft damaged
2,403 killed
1,178 wounded[4][5]
4 midget submarines sunk
1 midget submarine grounded
29 aircraft destroyed
64 killed
1 captured[6]
Civilian casualties
68 killed[7][8]
35 wounded[4]

US : Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Casualties and losses
20 U.S., Dutch, Britishprisoners of war killed90,000–166,000 killed in Hiroshima
39,000–80,000 killed in Nagasaki
Total: 129,000–246,000+ killed
The atomic bombings of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan were conducted by the United States during the final stages ofWorld War II in August 1945. The two bombings were the first and remain the only use of nuclear weapons in warfare.
Following a firebombing campaign that destroyed many Japanese cities, the Allies prepared for a costly invasion of Japan. The war in Europeended when Nazi Germany signed its instrument of surrender on May 8, 1945, but the Pacific War continued. Together with the United Kingdom and China, the United States called for the unconditional surrender of the Japanese armed forces in the Potsdam Declaration on July 26, 1945, threatening "prompt and utter destruction". read more.......please click the link below

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Jollibee one of world’s best fast food chains

MANILA, Philippines – Homegrown quick-service restaurant Jollibee is one of the best fast food chains in the world, according to an influential American magazine.
The restaurant, known for its fried chicken, spaghetti and burgers, is one of the dining spots featured in Travel + Leisure’s “Best fast food chains in the world” feature, which is part of the magazine’s May 2012 issue.
“Fast food gets a Filipino twist at this quick-serve chain, which is so beloved that its mascots star in their own children’s television show,” author Jamie Feldmar wrote in the Travel + Leisure article.
“There are more than 700 locations across the country, serving anything from fried chicken and hamburgers to local favorites like palabok, rice noodles with meat sauce, shrimp and hard-boiled egg.”
The magazine also suggested what first-timers should order at the fast food chain. “Spicy Chickenjoy, fried chicken coated with chili powder.”
Jollibee has been a household name in the Philippines for its Filipino-style fast food fare. What started as a two-branch ice cream parlor in 1975 is now considered the largest and most popular fast food chain in the country.
Aside from the United States, Jollibee has branches in Brunei, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia, among others.

Kingdom Tower Saudi Arabia to build world's tallest tower, reaching 1 kilometer into the sky

  • Saudi Arabia is set to start on Kingdom Tower, slated to be the world's tallest building
  • The Kingdom Tower will reach 3,280 feet, have 200 floors and cost $1.2 billion
  • It would require 5.7 million square feet of concrete and 80,000 tons of steel
  • The foundations would be 200 feet (60 meters) deep

(CNN) -- Dubai, long champion of all things biggestlongest andmost expensive, will soon have some competition from neighboring Saudi Arabia.
Dubai's iconic Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, could be stripped of its Guinness title if Saudi Arabia succeeds in its plans to construct the even larger Kingdom Tower in Jeddah -- a prospect looking more likely as work begins next week, according toConstruction Weekly.